Level Up Your Game with this Exclusive Prize Pack thanks to Legion by Lenovo

Stylish outside. Savage Inside.

Time to make the rest of the squad jealous with an all-new seventh generation gaming laptop.
The prowess you showcase… The foes you overcome… The teammates you inspire… The awe-inspiring things you make happen when gaming lead directly to the incredible things you do in life. Lenovo Legion gives you the best of both worlds – the irrepressibly Stylish, and the indomitably Savage.

We’ve partnered with Lenovo to give away this awesome prize pack to one lucky IGN reader. In it, you’ll find:

  • Lenovo Tab P11
  • Audio Technica ATH-GL3 Closed-Back High-Fidelity Gaming Headset
  • Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series Gaming Chair*
  • $500 Steam Gift Card

We also have $100 Steam gift cards to give away to 10 runner-ups!

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This competition is open to Australian residents only.

*Winner will choose the size, upholstery and colour of the chair within a $789 price range.

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